About Us

SimpleTelly came to be because of why you’re here. A group of expats got fed up with messages like “This content is unavailable in your location” whenever they wanted to watch television from their homeland and looked long and hard to find a way around it.

VPN is cool, of course, but there’s a downside: it is not fast. SimpleTelly was born because nobody wants anything less than the best. And we provide! You can stream whatever you want wherever you are using SimpleTelly Smart DNS and you keep your full Internet speed. Whether you stream a football match or a 8-hour binge of Breaking Bad, it’s all up to your internet speed, not on how many people or on a VPN server.

The core values of SimpleTelly are … well, simple and honest: be fair, be helpful, be nice. Customer service and satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We’re small, but we want to grow and we’re not going to do it by cutting corners and leaving clients unhappy with what we provide. If you have any problem with our service or you have a question to ask or just need help installing it on your device, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We’re here to help. We won’t ignore you and we definitely want to be fair, so if you’re not happy because of something we did, you’ll definitely get your money back. We even had one customer wire us $1,200 by mistake and we refunded without question.

We like movies, we like TV, we love live sports and we know you do too! SimpleTelly because of all of our needs to stream what we want when we want from wherever we are. We hope you enjoy our service, but if you don’t, we’d really appreciate just letting us know what you did not like. (Click here)


SimpleTelly is owned and operated by:

Global Stealth, Inc.
Suite 9, Ansuya Estate
Revolution Avenue
Victoria, Mahe