How to get DirecTV NOW outside of US



How to get DirecTV NOW outside the U.S

The much awaited DirecTV Now streaming service has just been released a couple of days ago in the States. While there have been much criticism at this new cord-cutting service from AT&T,  you can at least try out their 7 days free trial and make the decision for yourself. At the time of writing, you can use Directv NOW on these devices;
+Apple iOS
+Apple TV 4
+Chromecast (via Android casting)
+Web Browser
+Amazon FireTV & FireTV Stick
+selected Google Cast-enabled Smart TVs

If you are outside of the US but will like to sample out their free-trial, fret not as you can do so with Simpletelly! To do so, please follow the steps below:

First, you need to make sure you have an account with SimpleTelly! If not, you can check out our 2-week free trial.

SimpleTelly 14-day free trial

And don’t worry, unlike Directv NOW, you don’t have to enter any billing details or anything like that – after the 2-week trial, you can sign up if you like. If not, just simply remove our settings and carry on!

Head to DirecTV NOW

Once you have the DNS setup on your device, head on to DirecTV Now site and follow through their sign up process.
Note: You will need to use either Google Chrome version 50+, Safari 8+ or Internet Explorer 11+ as the site doesn’t seem to support Mozilla Firefox yet, bummer! 🙁

Once you have it set up, stream it with your devices and let us know how you get on!

*Please note that unfortunately this does not work for devices that requires location access, i.e. Apple TV 4 and iOS devices (iPhone,iPad) and any DNS or VPN service would not be able to circumvent this restriction.