How To Get Around Blackouts

how to get around blackouts


Looking to get around the Blackouts?

Major League Baseball is in the air as Opening Day 2016 approaches us. This Sunday, April 3rd, the Cardinals and Pirates will face off at 1:05PM EST for the first game of the season!

As many baseball fans are already aware, it’s tough to catch all your favorite team’s games on TV, or even any at all! Luckily there is; however, due to these nagging blackout rules, a lot of people will find themselves getting blacked out from watching their favorite teams. Not only are local games blacked, but has to blackout all nationally broadcasted games on networks such as ESPN as well in order to boost it’s national ratings.

How to get around blackouts

USA MLB Blackout Map – Wikipedia

How To Get Around Blackouts

There is nothing more frustrating than coughing up all that money for and come to find that you still can’t even watch the games you were hoping to.

Luckily there are many services out there that can help you get around these blackouts by making your device appear somewhere outside of the U.S or Canada; therefore, making you not susceptible to blackouts.

Using a SmartDNS service like SimpleTelly, your device will appear in another country, allowing you to watch any game you want without getting any blackouts.


SimpleTelly 14-day free trial


With SimpleTelly, you can try out a 14-day free trial with no need to enter any billing details or anything like that. If you decide you like it, then you can pay. If not, then just remove our settings and carry on with your day – no harm done!

Not only do we help with getting around blackouts for various sports, we also help customers access different content from hundreds of services from around the world on lots of different devices!

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