La Dolce Vita!! Italian Netflix is here


Something else arrived in the land of olives, pasta and high fashion: Netflix! That’s right! Netflix is here in Italy, bringing more entertainment and movies to the cultured country. Yet another reason for Italians to rejoice, in addition to all the nice tourist spots, good food and fun festivals: they can now enjoy nice moves from other parts of the world!

For Netflix users, it also means that we will probably be getting some really good Italian films that only the locals know…that is if you’re in Italy. If you’re not in Italy, you’ll need SimpleTelly to watch Netflix Italy, anywhere, anytime.

Here are some of the nice Netflix Italy films that you can find:

Benvenuto Presidente! (2013)

Benvenuto Presidente!

What happens when a fisherman is suddenly made into the next president (by mistake, of course, how else can that happen?) This 2013 comedy highlights the awkward consequences of a commoner being turned into a president. Also a regular at my film festivals, this film has also won several awards for its funny, fresh and innovative comedy.

Bianca come il latte, Rossa come il sangue (2013)

bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue

Based on a novel of the same name, bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue (White like milk, red like blood) is a romantic comedy about a teenage boy falling in love with a teenage girl. Except that the girl has leukemia and is dying soon. So like every teen that is drunk in love, he’s willing to do anything for her with the help of the teacher. Think of this as a less gloomy and a non religiously-charged version of A Walk to Remember.

Fantasma d’amore (1981)

Fantasma d'amore

Two former lovers, married to different people decide to meet each other again, and go for a boat ride for old time’s sake. And things rekindle. Throw in a horrific murder and some identity confusion later, and this film becomes a work of art instead of just another run-of-the-mill love drama. As one of the last films that were made during Italy’s golden age of cinematography, this is one movie worth watching.

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