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How to configure SimpleTelly on your Chromebook (Chrome OS).

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Chromebook (Chrome OS)

This page will guide you through to set up service on Chromebooks (Chrome OS) or devices that are running on Chromium OS.

Please note that whilst the instructions below were written based on Neverware CloudReady build and tested successfully both on this and the ArnoldTheBat version, the instructions might differ compared to other Chromium OS builds.

Note: Chromium OS shares the same foundation as Chrome OS (found in Chromebook), with an exception of a few added features that's found only in Chrome OS, which is officially maintained by Google.

Login to our website, from your computer and take note of the fastest DNS server address that appears on screen.

simpletelly account homepage

Network Settings

Click the status area at the bottom of your screen, where your account picture is located. Select Connected to ... and please take note of the name of the network.


You will see the name of the network that you are currently connected to on top of the list of available connections. Below the list, click on Settings...


On the Settings page, in the Internet connection section, click on the network drop down menu and select your active network.


Set DNS on Network Adapter

Click on the Network tab, and look for the Automatic name servers option. It should be selected by default.


Select Custom name servers and then enter the fastest DNS servers addresses as recommend on our website into the Server 1 and Server 2 boxes.


Note: The DNS addresses shown in the picture above are just examples. Please follow the ones displayed on your own screen.

Click the Close button to save the changes made.

Register DNS on Network

Go back to your account page and click on Check My Setup.

simpletelly account homepage

If this is the first computer you have setup from this location, you will probably need to register your current IP address. Click on Register your new IP address.

simpletelly register new ip

You will get Everything's OK! message on your screen if your IP has been registered successfully in our system.


Chromebook (Chrome OS) Setup complete

Now that you have setup and registered your system you can go ahead and access the TV site of your choice and stream it like you mean it!.

For the full list of supported channels, please refer to our Supported Services page.

Any problems?

Unfortunately it doesn't always go to plan! If you are having problems please email us at and we will do our best to assist you.