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Roku Setup Instructions

Ah, the Roku. We love the Roku. Seriously, for $99, the new Roku 3 literally rocks. Great design, great functionality and simple, it just works. Being Thumbs Apple fans, we were amazed at the difference between the Roku and the ATV. The ATV came along first, and we were impressed, but when the Roku arrived, the ATV was just blown away, it really is such a cool little device.

It’s almost a shame that it will spend its life hidden out of view behind the television, because the people at Roku were clever enough to use an RF remote that doesn’t require a line of sight to the box. Makes you wonder why they made the box so cute!

In another first, the Roku remote has a headphone jack, how cool is that? So if you want to watch something without disturbing your significant other, just plug in your headphones and it will automatically mute the sound on the television.

But that is just the icing on the cake, the real game changer for the Roku is the number of channels/sites available, actually, it’s not the number, as most of the channels are not worth bothering with, the key thing is that all of the major players are represented including Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, Crackle and Pandora.

The Roku is so simple that it doesn’t even allow you to alter the DNS settings that it uses. The instructions below were tested on Roku XS & Roku 3, but the principal should be the same for all versions of Roku unless stated.

To use a Roku with our service, you will first need to configure our service on your home network router. Once you have done that, the Roku will automatically take its settings from there and you will be good to go.

If you have not set up your Roku with a US or UK account yet, please refer to our instructions here on how to do so:

How to download UK or US restricted TV apps for Roku

Note: Netflix on Roku now is now hardcoded with Google DNS, so it would not work unless you set a firewall rule or static route on your router to force all traffic through our DNS.

Please refer to our guides below on how to set these rules on compatible routers.

DD-WRT Firewall Rule

Mikrotik Firewall Rule

Asus Static Route

TP-Link Static Route

D-Link Static Route

If you are having problems , kindly contact us directly at for assistance.