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SimpleTelly can be installed on just about
any Internet-connected device! Choose yours:

How to configure SimpleTelly on your Linksys Router – Automatic Setup.

RouteThisWe’ve partnered up with RouteThis to bring you an automated setup app for Linksys routers, to load the app, simply click on the link below.

The app will download to your computer and when you run it, it will determine the model of your router and then attempt to configure it with our fastest DNS servers in your location. Once it has finished, simply reboot your router and your computer and then go to the Client Area to check your set up and register your IP and verify that everything is OK.

For best results, use Google Chrome on a Mac or Windows Computer. If you use a different browser you will need to download the app before you run it.

At the moment, the app does not support Linux, but if you’re running Linux you probably don’t need an app to configure your router! 🙂


If at any point, you wish to uninstall our settings from your router, please click on the link below and be your router’s DNS will be set to use either the DNS that you specify or the default of OpenDNS / GoogleDNS.